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Capstone drives innovation and expertise in our quest to deliver measurable client solutions, while connecting with our communities.


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  • Capstone Consulting Group ‘s selection methodology was structured and comprehensive ensuring that all appropriate elements required for a successful selection process were considered and effectively executed. At the same time Capstone Consulting Group’s approach was flexible enough to take into account the specific characteristics of our business so that activities could be adjusted where needed to optimize examining the appropriate fit between our company and the new systems being evaluated. While managing the process, Capstone Consulting Group’s staff displayed a high level of professionalism and attention to detail and its coordination of the varied activities between our company resources and prospective vendors was critical to keeping the project on track.
    Former Director of IT
  • I can’t imagine doing our software selection and implementation project without the help of Capstone Consulting Group.
    Director of Operations
  • Capstone Consulting Group took the time to understand our business and delivered excellent work.
    Manufacturing Operation
  • Our firm had had very poor experiences with consultants in the past. I believe that Capstone Consulting Group went a long way to improving the image of consultants for us. The big difference that I saw was the usefulness of your deliverables. We saw that your deliverables were actionable, which is something they were missing from consultants in the past.
    Vice President
    Enterprise Improvement

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